Epoxy and polyurethane floors

We have been manufacturing resin floors since 1994

Epoxy and polyurethane, resin floors are modern floor finish systems that perfectly match every interior, giving it a unique, representative and exclusive character. This combination of high aesthetic values ​​and high strength. The ease of joining resin floors with other materials allows you to create original designs and meet your individual needs. We recommend them for housing, offices, shops, banks, restaurants, car salons, hospitals, doctors' offices and pharmacies.

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Epoxy floors

Epoxy floors, the most known type of resin flooring. They are made of a two-component epoxy resin that can contain dyes and fillers depending on what kind of coating you want to obtain. Material of wide application mainly in industry. Also used for mixers, garages, business rooms.

Polyurethane floors

Polyurethane floors of one or two component polyurethane resin, with greater flexibility than epoxy resins and UV resistance. Because of their greater comfort, they are more commonly used in apartments than epoxy floors. In addition to the use of polyurethane floors in apartments or industrial buildings, we can successfully arrange them on exterior surfaces - balconies, terraces, driveways, entrance stairs to buildings.

Stone Carpet

Decorative floor The stone carpet consists of natural quartz or marble resins mixed with resins. Thanks to its properties it is used where other types of floor coverings do not pass the exam. It can be used to cover the stairs and shape the pedestals. It works great with underfloor heating systems. Thanks to its granular texture, it has the characteristics of muffling and muting the rooms in which it is arranged. Although it is one of the hardest stone floor coverings, it is a soft, elastic feeling thanks to the use of resins during walking. Colors on request (RAL K7). When using very fine aggregate, an industrial flooring with high strength and non-slip texture is created.

Polyurethane floors Stone-Carpet
posadzka-epoksydowa-do-mieszkania posadzka-epoksydowa-do-mieszkania


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podlogi epoksydowe i poliuretanowe

Epoxy and polyurethane floors

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kamienny dywan

Stone carpet

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posadzki na balkony tarasy

Floors for balconies and terraces

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posadzki przemyslowa

Industrial floors

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" De grindvloer in ons nieuwe huis. Met dank aan Rinus, Stefan en Mark.../ Stone Carpet in our new home, thanks to Rinus, Stefan and Mark..."

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Presentation of floor photos from the most interesting realizations made by our company as well as from the realization of companies from all over the world.

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Polyaspartic resins

New type of resin with enhanced scratch resistance. They are very durable, light-resistant and intensive.

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